An American friend once told me that “ India is not a country. It is 
 home        ccc a  state of mind.”  I couldn’t agree with her more.
 prologue        ccc
 welcome       ccc Thank you for visiting us. We’d like to take you on a journey of this multi-faceted
 contents        ccc “ state of mind ”.
 subject moderators        ccc
 history        ccc We’ll travel through Space and Time. Through battlefields of philosophy and
 sexuality ddd        ccc logic and devastations of war. To creative bursts of thinking, poetry and music.
 social landscapes        ddd To every aspect of the primal dance of life. From the sublime to the ridiculous.
 art          ddd
 dance         ddd Consider it a journey of an adventure to the far reaches of this “ state of mind ”
 literature        ddd that is India. A journey that you will make with some of India’s best Minds holding
 music        ddd your hand.
      And where will you not go? No politics. No religious propaganda.
      Religious philosophy and history, yes but sermons no!
       No plebeian matter will float your way as it did not in the journeys
       of Hieuen Tsan, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong!
       Role models of  fellow journeyers?

Let the celebrations begin !!!

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