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"The India Story" Seminar

  • To promote India and Indology through a Website, Seminars, Research Projects, Publications, Promotion of Music and Performing Arts, Indian Culture and Management styles special to India, Philosophy, Tribal and Folk Arts and issues concerning the Indian Ecology & Environment.

  • To promote and nurture young talent in any of the above subjects concerning India.

  • To support aged Indian Classical musicians / performing artistes through contact programmes with students.

  • To conduct Seminars for dissemination and analysis of the Cultures of other countries with comparison with India where areas of consonance and dissimilarities can be understood.

  • To conduct "India Story" Seminars for International students, Indian Corporates, Government bodies in India and at various International locations.

  • For promoting the objectives we will maintain liaison with professional institutions, educational and training bodies in India and other countries.

  • To collaborate with Central and State Governments of India and other countries and other appropriate agencies for execution of projects meeting our objectives and to accept grants, funds and donations for this purpose.