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For participants of “The India Story” Seminar, the primary question to be answered is “What do I gain by attending an advanced learning programme on India?”

There are several leadership issues being addressed here. Let us elaborate.

1.     Completing the Leadership profile

Erik Erikson bridged Freud to Modernity. His contributions include the building of Identity, personality development as a lifelong process and defining the concept of 8 psychosocial stages – of which the element of culture is a fundamental building block to Identity.

Who is a good leader ?

Perhaps the one who answers deep within himself the eternal question “Who am I?”  

For Erikson, Identity Confusion occurs when a coherent Identity cannot be achieved. This is an incomplete individual who does not quite know who he is. As a Leader, this individual would be struggling to fill the gaps within himself.   

While Erikson dealt with the 8 stages of identity building, we will concern ourselves only with the 7th stage. This phase is about guiding a younger generation, about leading and mentoring. The identity formation for this stage comes from knowledge and awareness of culture, traditions, societal history and the norms governing the community we are members of. Failure to develop these aspects result in stagnation and inability to nurture the next generation.

The Identity Achiever is clear, productive with a consistent personality.

The Identity Diffused person is unpredictable, reluctant to act.

For an Indian, aspiring for a holistic Leadership profile, "The India Story" covers an indepth review of who we are, where  have we come from and where  are we going. The takeaway would be the fulfilling of Erikson’s 7th psychosocial stage of development of Identity, much needed to complete the holistic profile of a Leader.

2.     Creating the Indian Warrior in a Globalized world.     

Respect for the emerging might of Japan’s industry did not come in the sixties. It came in the seventies as a part of a larger package. A package that included a genuine respect for the uniqueness of Japanese culture, art, history, samurai ways etc.

Today we are all individual warriors building Brand India in the global marketplace. In this brand equity lies the seeds of our nation’s prosperity.

"The India Story" Seminar imparts a comprehensive awareness of all the critical dimensions that constitute Brand India. To know this is to empower oneself.

3.   Pushing the decision maker’s envelope of the Mind      

“The India Story” subjects cover an enormous space in the mind’s eye. They strive to link each important milestone of the past with modernity and the future. Exposure to this wide expanse of events, ideas and actions will help participants to step out of the narrow corridor of conventional thinking for corporate solutions, strategies and vision.

4.     Evolution through Interaction

“The India Story” Seminar has a Faculty list that includes the “Who’s who” of India. Some of the finest minds of our country will be taking the audio – visual sessions. Participants will interact with Dr. R A Mashelkar, Dr. Bimal Jalan, Dr. Sudhir Kakar, Ms. Leela Samson, Mr.Valmik Thapar etc. and in the process enhance their own intellectual / creative skills.

This is personal growth in the truest form.