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JULY - 2004

The first “India Story” Seminar for International students was conducted in New Delhi from 8th to 21st July 2004. Participants were from Sussex University (UK), Manchester College, Indiana (USA), Juniata College & Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, (USA) and Delhi.

It was a small but enthusiastic group that was intellectually challenged, emotionally shaken and culturally entertained through 2 weeks of lectures, workshops, performances, excursions, sightseeing and shopping.

Daily programmes ranged from early morning Yoga lessons to The Mahabharata. History lecture and artifacts viewing at The National Museum to understanding The Indian Mind and The Kama Sutra. A flavour of Tamil Literature, Kalidasa & Tagore to watching a contemporary play in English with Indian settings. Interacting with India’s best scientists to a magical session on the Tiger with the country’s best known conservationist. Workshops and performances on Indian Classical Dance & Music and sessions on Indian Art & Architecture. There was Indian Governance and The Builders of Modern India.

We asked the participants if they felt that it was too much. Should we reduce the load in July 2005 ? The unanimous reply was a loud “No”. They wanted and relished the intellectual challenge that the “India Story” presented. It was its USP and should not be tampered with. We humbly agreed.

And of course there was Agra  --- with visits to The Taj Mahal and The Agra Fort.

A roadside snake-charmer , a welcome diversion !

Shopping. Shopping and more Shopping. Sometimes it seemed that every street corner provided a shopping opportunity.

Friendships were built. Roots discovered. Cross cultural boundaries merged.

And the world came together in INDIA !

(Please go through the Slide Show for a visual journey to the "India Story" Seminar July 2004.)