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"The India Story" Seminar
Programme - India



Inaugural address by Mrs Renuka Chowdhury, Minister, Women & Child  Development, Govt. of India on "India's 21st century Challenges for Gender"
  • Viewing of  2 documentary films on Gender issues in India on understanding the challenges of Gender in modern India and sharing of some success stories-
    rural and Urban
    Discussions with the Film maker, Ms. Poojita Chowdhury


SESSION II A - ECOLOGY – The Tale of the Tiger

  • Land of the Tiger Film Show

  • The Background.

    • Historical  background. The world’s first sanctuary. Asoka’s Abhayaranyas. Bishnois and conservation ethic.

    • The killing spree. Hunting as an age old test for machismo. A brief history of hunting in India. The increase in “kills” in the 20th century. Who were the hunters?

    • Why protect wildlife?

    • The Tiger as a symbolic peak of the wildlife pyramid. Tiger lore: poems, stories.



  • From the Big Bang to Earth to Gondwanaland.
    Understanding the continents that existed 1 billion years ago. Their formation, sizes and shapes.

  • Gondwanaland splinters into India,South Africa and Australia.
    Today's change process against South Africa and Australia.
    How did it happen?
    Today's change process against the Himalayas.

  • The physical diversity of India.
    Deserts, Beaches, Lagoons, Coral reefs. The world's highest mountains and snow peaks. Various types of forests. Plateaux. How they look? What caused them?

  • Where were India's dinosaurs?

  • The Narmada man. Who was he?

SESSION III – “Son et Lumiere” show at Purana Quila, New Delhi

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